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Rent a vehicle with a driver

Filip Travel organizes and carry out passenger transport in Serbia and abroad. We offer luxury equipped buses and minibuses of a tourist class. Filip Travel also provides renting a buses, exclusively with our drivers, experienced professionals. We also have luxury minibuses for rent in its fleet. Passenger transport by minibus is best solution for comfortable and safe transportation, especially for small groups. All vehicles are certified by the Serbian Ministry of Transport for doing international traffic, we own all necessary permits and certificates related to safety and security of the vehicles themselves, as well as passengers insurance. You can rent a bus and a minibus for various tours and visits to tourist events, excursions, one-day and several-day excursions, transportation of a group of passengers to various celebrations or promotions and cultural events, sports events and competitions, weddings… In all our vehicles, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi internet while driving on the territory of Serbia.

Service / Vehicle type
Seat number
57 pax
56 pax
46 pax
37 pax
20 pax
7 pax
Full day*
320 €
320 €
280 €
240 €
180 €
120 €
Cost per km
1.10 €
1.10 €
0.95 €
0.85 €
0.60 €
0.40 €
Airport transfer
140 €
140 €
120 €
100 €
65 €
40 €

*For coach 300 km, for minibus 250 km
Prices are without: taxes 10%, tolls, parking and driver costs, if there is any. 
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Autobus SETRA 416 HDH (57+1+1)

iznajmljivanje prevoza iznajmljivanje autobusa


Autobus SETRA 417 HDH (56+1+1)

iznajmljivanje autobusa - bus rent

Autobus SETRA 415 HDH (46+2+1)

Iznajmljivanje autobusa - bus rent

Autobus SETRA S 411 HD (37+2)

iznajmljivanje autobusa najam vozila sa vozacem setra 37pax

Minibus Mercedes Sprinter (20+1)

Iznajmljivanje minibusa - minibus rental

Mercedes VITO (7+1)

iznajmljivanje minibusa - minibus rental